Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying to update!

I'm not very good at updating my blog! I have had a lot going on with learning how to be a stay at home mom and learning how to sew. I never really thought I would enjoy sewing but I actually do. Ever since I had Journey I realized how fun it is to make things for her! I use to hate going to craft stores with my Mom and now I love it! It's strange how having a baby makes you change. I am currently making diapers, nursing covers, tiny take along blankets, bows, bow holders, pillowcase dresses, diaper wipe cases and anything else I see that looks like fun! I am just in the beginning stages but learning quickly. My Mom and I will be going to our first craft show at the end of September. I am very excited and nervous since I have never been to one. Plus I will be taking Journey with me to all the shows. I really hope she gets use to the pack-n-play! Look up Journey Baby Boutique and come see me at the shows!
Now here are some pictures of my sweet baby girl!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a Journey

Well it has been awhile since my last post I know. However, I have had a lot going on! Lets see if I can catch everyone up. I had a beautiful baby girl on December 9, 2009! Her name is Journey Rose and is now 3 months old! I can't believe how fast they grow! I know everyone says that but man is it true. So I was admitted to the hospital on December 6th to be inducted. Well a couple of days before I started to get a cough and was really hoping I was not getting sick. So on the 6th they started the induction and it was going very slowly. So around the evening of the 6th my cough was getting worse. I asked the nurse if it was possible to get some cough syrup or something. They kinda blew me off until the next time she came in and I told her I thought I had a fever. So she checked and I did and they decided to call my doctor. They gave me some meds and decided to do a flu test! I have never had the flu in my life and just received a flu shot in March while I was still in Qatar. So when they came back and told me that I had Swine Flu I was shocked!!!!! What are the odds that I would get Swine Flu while in labor! Double whammy!! Well Frank, Caroline and my Mom had been in the room with me the entire time so if I was sick they were most likely to get it as well. They were allowed to stay since they had already been exposed. Plus I think the staff kinda felt bad for me! At this point I was now being quarantined! No visitors were allowed and everyone who came
into my room had to wear masks and gowns. They even had a station set up outside my room!

So now the induction has been stopped until I no longer have a fever. On the morning of the 9th i was feeling much better so the doctor decided to begin the induction again. finally after about 9 hours later the contractions were unbearable!! Since I had so much medicine to start labor the contractions were nonstop! Where was that epidural??

After the epidural I felt great! Finally around 9 pm the "fun" began! Well she was determined to make me work! she was face up and it was just not possible that she was coming out with out surgery. Finally I was wheeled in to have a C-Section

and at 10:25 Journey Rose was born! 8 lbs 5 oz 20 1/2 inches long!!
And that makes 3!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well I have been trying to make diapers but they are REALLY hard!! I only have a total of 3 completed and my Mom has helped me with all of them! I am going to keep on going because the end result is so adorable!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


So I have been trying to make cloth diapers. Well it is really hard! I did a "tester" and then my Mom did a real one! So I am still working on it.

I'm back!

So I have not updated my Blog since Iceland! Well since then Frank and I went to Egypt for my 24th birthday. That was interesting. It is not the best place in the world but neat to see. I will put some pics up soon. OH and I am currently 6 month pregnant! We are having a GIRL and very excited!! We also went to visit our family in Texas but due to some complications I had to stay and Frank when back to Qatar. He is planning to come back on 30 Sept. We are also in the process of buying a house! As you can see we have a lot going on!

I am currently staying with my Mom and learning how to sew. Not something I was ever interested in but I really wanted t
o make cloth diapers! So that is what I am doing now. I am going to post some pics of the process.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is the Blue Lagoon geothermal saltwater spa. It is awesome! The water is 110F but feels amazing since it is so cold outside. Frank and I have Silica mud on our face. This is suppose to be really great for your skin. Our hair and eyebrows had frost on them!