Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying to update!

I'm not very good at updating my blog! I have had a lot going on with learning how to be a stay at home mom and learning how to sew. I never really thought I would enjoy sewing but I actually do. Ever since I had Journey I realized how fun it is to make things for her! I use to hate going to craft stores with my Mom and now I love it! It's strange how having a baby makes you change. I am currently making diapers, nursing covers, tiny take along blankets, bows, bow holders, pillowcase dresses, diaper wipe cases and anything else I see that looks like fun! I am just in the beginning stages but learning quickly. My Mom and I will be going to our first craft show at the end of September. I am very excited and nervous since I have never been to one. Plus I will be taking Journey with me to all the shows. I really hope she gets use to the pack-n-play! Look up Journey Baby Boutique and come see me at the shows!
Now here are some pictures of my sweet baby girl!!

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